Monday, June 1, 2009


Here's a little update on where are we at the current stage:

With the help from Ah Vong (the sound engineer) and Singblass (the composer), we have finally done our mixing for sound and music! I will get the audio files from Ah Vong by tomorrow then proceed with the final output.
After that which is the next day, we will have a short preview of the film at the cinema's hall to check whether the pictures and sounds are working well. I really hope everything is going to be OK.

Here's another thing I guess I need to highlight:

I heard many people out there thinks that【樂魔 the Negative Effect】is a short film. Well, it is NOT; it's actually an hour+ (approx: 80minutes) feature length documentary, so whoever is going to the premiere, please do not feel frustrated just because the film hasn't ended after one hour. Haha~

Oh! And...please make sure you had enough sleep before entered the cinema! :P


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