Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Movie site promo

The official movie site for 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】is now activated!
The URL is:

So in order to promote this movie, please help us to introduce this site. Tell anyone that you can, and ask for their help to spread to their friends. I saw some blogs have already put up the link or image thumb, I couldn't mentioned all the names but I really appreciated what you have done and THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

Here are some promo image with the code inside the box at the bottom, you can copy and paste in your sidebar or blog post(as html), and use it as a direct picture linking to the website (means when people click on the picture, it will direct to the website).

You can choose from the designs below; or else if you hate them, you can always customize one. hehe~





Please kindly let me know if you linked us, so that I can visit your site too! :)

p.s: Special thanks to Iamwen who taught me how to place the code-box onto a post!


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