Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2nd screening - sold out!

NE premiere

320 tickets for 2nd screening are SOLD OUT!

Thank you for all the supports and spending time on the ticket payments, we really appreciated it! Sorry for any inconvenient, and for whom didn't manage to get the tickets, please check our facebook or blog for the future updates.




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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2nd screening!

NE premiere

Ladies & gentlemen, and to whoever missed the premiere:

We have a good news for ya!
due to the many good responses and requests, here we come -
The 2nd screening for 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】!

Because we only have few days left to the screening, we hope you can spread this asap to your friends and your friends' friends, your parents, your grandparents and even you neighbors... Because 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】is truly a film for everyone!

The seats are limited, please confirm your attendance today!

Venue: Cathay Cineplexes, Damansara.
Date: 18 June 2009 (Thrusday)
Time: 9pm (Registration of guest starts at 8pm)
Ticket price: RM10

Bank-in info:
name :Yap Mang Chin
acc no. : 12550109992

after bank-in, pls kindly sms to inform: 016-2190709 YMC


Registration, and ticket collection starts at 8pm. Please come early to grab nice seats.

NE premiere

Thank you! And we're excited to see you there soon!

*Photos by Reinert, camera: Horizon Perfekt.


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Monday, June 8, 2009


NE premiere

结束了【樂魔 the Negative Effect】六个月的制作。
成就了【樂魔 the Negative Effect】的诞生。




因为是你们成就了【樂魔 】。


Some photos for the night,
by Seng Kit:
by Pipit- Mike & Ivery:
by Chin Hong


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Friday, June 5, 2009










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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

东方日报 Oriental Daily

感谢东方日报于今天 (03.06.2009 星期三) 在休闲版的报导!

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)

Oriental Daily Press (03.06.09)





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Monday, June 1, 2009


Here's a little update on where are we at the current stage:

With the help from Ah Vong (the sound engineer) and Singblass (the composer), we have finally done our mixing for sound and music! I will get the audio files from Ah Vong by tomorrow then proceed with the final output.
After that which is the next day, we will have a short preview of the film at the cinema's hall to check whether the pictures and sounds are working well. I really hope everything is going to be OK.

Here's another thing I guess I need to highlight:

I heard many people out there thinks that【樂魔 the Negative Effect】is a short film. Well, it is NOT; it's actually an hour+ (approx: 80minutes) feature length documentary, so whoever is going to the premiere, please do not feel frustrated just because the film hasn't ended after one hour. Haha~

Oh! And...please make sure you had enough sleep before entered the cinema! :P


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Sunday, May 31, 2009


感谢星洲日报于今天 (31.05.2009 星期日) 在 《快乐星期天》版的报导:

星洲日报 SIN CHEW DAILY (31.05.09)

星洲日报 SIN CHEW DAILY (31.05.09)

p.s: 很多人误以为《乐魔》是一部短片;所以在这里注明一下,《乐魔》其实是一部大约80分钟的纪录长片。 :)



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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Final week to go!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comic King 漫画王 vol.109

Received an email from Edmund today, told that the comic king vol.109 is out!

Comic King vol.109

There are total of 5 pages packed with photos and interviews from the Negative Effect's casts and crews. Here's one of the page:
Comic King vol.109

If you like to see more, please grab one home from the nearest bookstore today! hehe~ :P

Big thanks to Siew Fun, Kenny Chua and Art Square for the write-up!


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Monday, May 25, 2009

The 2nd Poster

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Poster 2

Here goes our second released poster for 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】.
A big thanks to Hoi Mun who did the design. I specially liked the retro look and the simplicity of it!

Larger size HERE.



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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the Negative Effect X Dong Tai Du

On this coming Sunday, 17th May 2009, the Negative Effect's team will be at the "Don't let the sound stop" music festival organized by Dong Tai Du - One of the biggest event of the year!

We will have a counter there to promote the movie, as well for people to collect their reservation tickets and the same time we will sell some movie-promotion items like postcards. So please be there to support us, and if you like music, go and support the indie bands from around the world, I'm sure it's gonna be a loud and fun experience.

Here's the information about the event:

4 Nations 17 bands / 4 Stages / 40 Creative Stands

The 4 musical stages presents a variant of exciting music from bands and Electronica musical groups, while the venue is set to become a brimming platform of inspiration with creative T-shirt design assembly, “T-Front”, leading the charge for a flea market of 40 creative stands showcasing their fun, youthful ingenuity. T-Front’s creative designs shall also merge with the music as their works of art will be showcased as the music is performed during our special Cat Walk Show.


Event Details
Venue: Ground Floor Grand Hall, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Date: May 17th 2009
Time: 12pm – 8pm
Entrance Fees: Pre-sale RM 30 (available 1/3 – 10/5) Door-sale RM 45
Student Price: RM25 (please present student identification)
Activities: Band and electronica music performance, fashion show, 40 stall flea market (Calling), live performance art.

Online Booking: dtd.ticketing@gmail.com
Call: 012 377 8558 (Shane)

Tickets Counter : Rock Corner Midvalley & The Curve / Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall / Findars Art Space @ Annexe


p.s: If you are going there just to collect your reservation tickets, you don't need to pay for the entrance fees since our counter will be setting up outside the hall.



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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update for the Premiere Screening

Ladies & Gentleman,

Due to the many supports for the Premiere Screening, our cinema seats for 06June have already been fully reserved in a few days time, and the list is still coming in. Therefore, our team were to decide to do 2nd screening, or not.

After a few discuss with the team and Cineplex, we had decided not to do 2nd screening but changed it to a bigger hall (320 seats). Which, the reservations sent to us before today (10th May 2009)will be automatically includes into the Premiere. Soon I will reply you a confirmation mail, and the way to collect your tickets.

Really thank you for your supports! I'm sorry to tell that the ticket reservation is now closed. Any reservation send to us after today will be not be accepted, until further notice.

For those who have reserved the tickets earlier:
Please do your payment for the ticket reservations before 15th of May 2009. Your ticket(s) will be released to public if you're not going to do the payment before 15th May 2009. Please tell your friend(s) if you know anyone that are going to the premiere at 6th of June 2009, 9:15pm at Cathay Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara.

Bank-in info:
name :Yap Mang Chin
acc no. : 114227028657
bank : MAYBANK

after bank-in, pls kindly sms to inform: 012-668 1516 Edmund

Thank you for your cooperation.
The Negative Effect Management Committee


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Negative Effect @ Comic King vol.108

So surprise, check this out!

A brief intro about【樂魔 the Negative Effect】in Comic King magazine vol.108 :

Comic-King May09
*click photo for larger size

The full content, including crew and cast interviews will be out at the next issue (vol.109) end of this month! There will be some sharing about making-the-movie and also lomography, don't forget to grab one home if you're interested! Thanks~ :)



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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market

3rd May 2009, last Sunday, we were at Timesquare Shopping Mall promoting our movie - 樂魔 The Negative Effect.

The Pipit Wonderful Market.
Pipit Wonderful Market

Director Dick Chua, Co-Producer Kah Giap, together with the casts - Rice, Jeepeng and Syah.
Pipit Wonderful Market

our booth, sit by 2 pretty assistant, Ying Tze & Xiang.
Pipit Wonderful Market

Crowds watching the Negative Effect's promo video.
Pipit Wonderful Market

Visitors inquiring about the movie.
Pipit Wonderful Market

A photo with the founder of Pipit, Mike & Ivery.
Pipit Wonderful Market

Dick explaining about some vintage film cameras.
Pipit Wonderful Market

Crowds lining up to pay/collect tickets for the Negative Effect premiere screening.
Pipit Wonderful Market

our friendly assistants, Ying Tze and YMC.
Pipit Wonderful Market

The wonderful free-market for local designers, organized by Pipit
Pipit Wonderful Market

A group photo with Siew Fun (middle girl), reporter from 'Comic King Magazine'.
Pipit Wonderful Market

It was a wonderful day! A very great opportunity to expose and introduce our movie to a wider audiences. Meanwhile, we also met many friends and nice people.

Thank you Pipit!


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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Premier Ticket - Fully Booked!


至于还没订到票的朋友也不要失望,因为我们将会和Cineplex单位商量关于加场放映!时间和地点我们将于5月4日( 星期一)在这里向大家公布。我们对此感到非常的抱歉!


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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Premier Screening Info

1 month left... Finally!
Ladies & Gentlemen, we are so happy to announce to you about the details of the Premier Screening at 06.06.09:

Movie Title: 樂魔 The Negative Effect
Story Plot: A light and easy, true to life documentary, with the storyline implying a group of the youngsters being obsessed and determined in film/lomo photography, yet they are now living in this new age digital world. For them, it was the greatest joy being united together to the journey of their dream - freestyle in photography.
Date: 06 June 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 9:15pm - 11:30pm, Registration of guest starts at 8:45pm.
Ticket Price: RM10

*Photos taken from imalaysiablog.com

Please understand that we are selling out the tickets to cover part of the expenses on renting hall and everything else to set up this event. We hope you can support us!

The seats are limited (222 seats) so please confirm to us about your attendance as soon as possible.
To confirm and reserve your seats, send an email to dc_chua@yahoo.com and please include the following information:
- Your amount of tickets
- Your name, and your friends names (if there's any)
- Your Email Address
- Your Phone Number
- "Premier screening ticket" in the subject line.

p.s: Ticket Reservation will be closed after the seats are full.

Payment method:
You can pay and collect your tickets at Pipit Wonderful Market this coming Sunday. Otherwise, we will also set another location after this (venue to be confirmed) for collecting tickets' purpose. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Thank you for your support! - from Dick and team.

At here we would like to thank Kah Giap for spending so much times to deal with the cinemas.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market

A local designer creative market organized by Pipit Malaysia. It is our honor to be invited for promoting our film there. Thank you Pipit.

We will screen some slides and also the 7mins promo video at there, so whoever missed the last screening, can now come to this event to meet up with the filmmakers and also other local designers.

During the event, we will be also announcing the details of premier screening at 06.06.09 , for whom that are interested to get the movie ticket please visit us at our booth.

See you there!

Here are what you can find at the Wonderful Market:

EVENT: Pipit Wonderful Market
DATE: 3rd MAY 2009
TIME: 11am ~ 8pm
VENUE: BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE , KL ( Level 7 , near Theme Park entrance )



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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Lomographic Society China

12 April 2009 -【樂魔 the Negative Effect】received a Title at Lomographic Society China website:



Thank you Aloho Xie who brought us to the China Mainland! :)



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Thursday, March 26, 2009




“Don't tell me to stop!
I'm madly in love with 菲林!”


“看完由馬來西亞的lomographers所製作拍攝的【樂魔 the Negative Effect】紀錄片

除了拍攝影片 他們還辦展覽 甚至在街上發酷卡

*照片和文字取自于 Cheriesu 之部落格



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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】PromoVideo

Eventually, here it is!

Slow loading? You might want to try with YouTube's:
Don't forget to leave us your comments there! Thanks!

Hope you'll love it. :)



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【樂魔 】宣传分享会

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 】宣传兼预告短片 首映分享会 (哇,好长的一个名字),终于圆满的结束了。

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

如果没什么人来,怎么跟Station 1交待...

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event


【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

当晚忘了提到 - 为什么会有这样的一个分享会,

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event


【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Promo-Video Event



Photos taken by Chin Hong @ StillGotRice.

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